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The DetoxyLife Rejuvenation and Wellness Centre  will be open during the weekdays, between 9am and 5pm. Treatments can be booked on arrival or call us now on 1-778- 484-0710 or 1-250-859-5619. For more information about our SPA services  please visit
Facial Treatments


DetoxyLife Signature Facial • $150

Suitable for all skin types. The ultimate in bespoke facials, due to extended time, therapists have the opportunity to treat any concerns in depth. From extended extractions, various exfoliation (Ultra Sonic, Microdermabrasion) or peel options (Enzyme, Glycolic) to luxurious masks and serums applied with High Frequency or Galvanic, every step of this sublime facial is personal for your skin, tackling every concern whether it be with our expert hands-on modalities or the latest in machine based beauty technology. A hydration treatment for hands is included.

Approximate Time: 3 hours


Custom European Anty-Aging Facial • $120

Suitable for all skin types. This tailored treatment cater to all skin types and includes skin analysis, massage for the face and decollete,  steam application, pore cleansing, extractions, mask, hydration and ultra sound skin therapy. Especially designed for individual skin needs. This is a European treatment that is thorough and complete. Moisture is replenished; the skin is rejuvenated and given a youthful healthy lift.

Approximate Time: 3  hours


Clarifying Facial • $120

Suitable for oily/acne  skin type. This specialized acne facial treatment will focus on regulating oil gland secretion while detoxifying and reducing enlarged pores. Deep cleansing followed by an exfoliation will assists in removal of skin impurities and decongests pores. Any necessary extractions will be gently performed and a clarifying masque will be applied to restore your skin's healthy balance.

Approximate Time: 3 hours


For an added treatment, you can complement your facial with microdermabrasion, glycolic, oxygen treatment, LED light therapy or Ultra Sound Skin Therapy




Microdermabrasion• $70

$30 if taken with European or Clarifying facial

6 sessions for • $350 (1 free)

This is a mechanical exfoliation which removes dry skin cells. It leaves the skin silky smooth and rejuvenated feeling healthy and refreshed, with enhanced elasticity and texture. It gives you a younger look and provides an even skin tone. An excellent treatment for all skin types and is essential to the anti-aging program. For best results a minimum of 6 treatmeents at 1 to 2 weeks intervals is recommended.

Approximate Time: 55 min


Glycolic Peel 35% • $70

$30 if taken with European or Clarifying facial

6 sessions for • $350 (1 free)

This rapid exfoliating peel is customized in different strengths for your skin type. Glycolic Acid removes the outer layers of thickened or damaged skin revealing a smoother and healthier skin. This peel is excellent for revitalizing dull skin, treating age spots, improving acne, and minimizing fine lines. For best results a minimum of 6 treatmeents at 1 to 2 weeks intervals is recommended.

Approximate Time: 55 min


DPL - Deep Penetrating Light Therapy  - $20
Instense skin rejuvenation has never been so easy and relaxing!  It directs gentle yet powerful red and infrared wavelengths of light deep below the surface of the skin to improve the signs of aging or provide quick pain relief for sore muscles and joints. Designed to treat the face and body, the revolutionary DPL therapy system offers a completely safe, relaxing and totally painless intensive rejuvenating treatment.
How Does It Work?
Red and Infrared Light Promotes Cellular Repair and Deep Healing
The DPL Light Therapy System uses medical-grade 660 nm red spectrum technology and deep healing 880 nm infrared spectrum pulsed LED light energy to absorb deep into the skin, stimulating cellular regeneration, fibroblasts and new collagen production for wrinkle reduction, sun-damage reversal and expedited healing following surgical procedures.

Approximate Time: 20 min




Waxing and sugaring are the most effective ways to eliminate unwanted hair growth. Low temperature  wax or sugar paste, combined with special soothing agents are used to reduce discomfort.


Brow • $12

Lip • $8

Chin • $8

Half Leg• $25

Full Leg • $45

Bikini • $20

Underarms • $15

Half Arm • $18

Full Arm • $25

Chest or Back • $30

Stomach • $15





Brow  • $12

Lip • $8



Eyebrow Tinting • $12

Eyelash Tinting • $14

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting • $25



Enjoy soothing relief from muscle tension as warm paraffin stimulates the circulation andhydrates dry hands and feet. A deliciously flavoured moisturizer is applied before the paraffin bath.

• Hands Treatment • $15

• Feet Treatment • $15

Massage Treatments


Therapeutic Brandon Raynor Massage

Brandon Raynor massage has taken the most powerful techniques from massage styles all over the world and from different traditions and developed them into this unique style of massage. These techniques are used throughout the session to relieve pain, tightness, as well as finding any blockages in the chi flow in the body.

Brandon Raynor Therapeutic  90 minutes • $125

Brandon Raynor Therapeutic 120 minutes • $140

Brandon Raynor Therapeutic 120 minutes with hot stone• $160


Japanese Hot Stone Massage

Soothing massage achieved by pressure as heated Basalt stones envelope the muscles and radiate a soothing heat for a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Hot Stone - 60 minutes • $90


Chinese Cupping massage

An exciting new treatment which provides incredible healing result. Cupping massage is the  best deep tissue massage available thanks a strong vacuum created inside of the cup. The movement of the cup is mimicking the rolling action of deep tissue massage without the discomfort. The suction reaches up to four inches into the soft tissue, attachments and organs. The skin will turn red, indicating that the circulation has been brought to the surface. You will feel deep warmth and a tingling sensation after the treatment has ended.

By remodeling the fatty layer, cupping massage reduces the dimpling and "orange skin" effect of cellulite. It resolves all problems resulting from back pain, leg and hand numbness, and poor blood and energy circulation.

Cupping Massage - 60 minutes • $90


Relaxation Massage

Light to medium pressure. This European technique uses long, fluid strokes to calm the body, settle the mind and restore lost energy. It is gentle, soothing and emphasizes relaxation.

Relaxation Massage - 60 minutes • $80

Relaxation Massage - 90 minutes • $120


Raindrop Therapy

The raindrop technique involves the amazing power of essential oils, mixed with a variety of massage techniques including back massage, vita flex massage and heat application.

90 minutes • $120


TrueMedic - Treat Your Feet to a Deep Tissue Shiatsu Massage
Experience the joy of a heated massage that uses a combination of air compression and rollers. Choose from  different massage modes and intensities ranging from mild to intense, and create a massage experience that is customized to your needs.

  • Deep tissue Shiatsu massager relieves tired, aching feet.

  • Reduce stress and relax.

  • Optional heat to warm muscle areas during the massage.

  • Adjust the massage to your preference

  • Ergonomic design perfectly complements your foot structure for maximum comfort.

30 minutes • $30  or $40 with a Paraffin Treatment




We are using glass, silicone or plastic/magnetic cups depending on the individual needs. Cupping has been used for centuries for both men and women to detoxify the body and heal many health disorders.


Stationary cupping

Cupping has been used for centuries for both men and women to detoxify the body and heal many health disorders.


Stationary cupping - 30 minutes • $35





Health and beauty always go hand in hand; therefore, Detoxylife Rejuvenation and Wellness Centre places outmost emphasis on the body’s detoxification as well as the use of the greatest quality cosmetics to make you look and feel your best. In our SPA you can eliminate toxins by using ozone/oxygen therapies, ionic foot spa and Dr. Huda Clark’s Zapper. Detoxylife offers a Longevity ozone sauna, the only Safety and Quality Approved Ozone Sauna and Ultra Pure Ozone Generator in North America!


Ozone/Oxygen Steam Sauna (followed by a refreshing shower)

30 minutes • $40

Buy 4 sessions for • $160 and get the 5th one free


Ozone Ear Insufflation - $10 or $6 with ozone sauna


Ozone Inernal Insufflation - $15 or $10 with ozone sauna


Oxygen Treatment

30 minutes • $30

What is the most critical substance in healing? The answer is oxygen. It starts and ends life. Most of us are starved for oxygen. There are several reasons for this including our lack of exercise or sedentary lifestyle, our eating habits, not breathing properly, and the polluted air that most of us encounter.
Oxygen does many essential functions for us. It keeps our blood clean, detoxifying your body. It acts as a potent hormone, medicine, and blood controller. It’s the master over your immune system, lungs, colon, brain, muscles, bowels, and most other basic and essential human functions. Immune cells love oxygen and cancer cells hate oxygen.

The process is breathing pure oxygen through a cannula.

Recommended use- 30 minutes.

Ionic Foot Bath

30 minutes • $30

Buy 4 sessions for • $120 and get the 5th one free


Dr. Hulda Clark’s Zapper Treatment

110 minutes • $60

Buy 4 sessions for• $180 and get the 5th one free


iFit Massage Whole Body Vibration Treatment

Whether you want to improve your health, lose weight, increase your energy levels, tone your muscles, improve the appearance of your skin or just slow down the aging process, the iFitMassage is perfect for you. Everyone can achieve results - With only 10 minutes per day you will have all the benefits of 1 full hour workout! • from $5 to $10 min per session.



Reflexology - Through a gentle yet effective therapy, foot massage reflexology relieves tension and clears blockages by stimulating sensory receptors in the nerve fibres of the foot.

30 minutes • $30  or $40 with a Paraffin Treatment


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